Learn Photography – From Camera To Techniques To Composition

Taking pictures is fun. Photography Progression is where to learn photography for beginners. We hope to provide photography tips and techniques that will turn your snapshots into memorable keepsakes. When you learn about photography, you’ll see the world in a new way. Instead of pointing and shooting like a cowboy with a six-shooter, you start to compose images in your mind, looking at the background, composition and recognizing natural lighting.

Learn photography

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Photography for beginners is all about having fun while understanding what makes a quality photo. Photography Progression helps anyone to learn photography online. And, once you learn camera basics and photography basics, it doesn’t matter if you’re taking a selfie with a cell phone or a panoramic city-scape with a high-end DSLR, your pics will come out great every time.

Once you learn photography, you can turn boring snapshots into engaging photographs worth sharing or even selling. So, stop blaming your camera, let’s get started taking better pictures together!

Photography for Beginners – Getting Started

Photography for beginners

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When learning anything new, skiing, golf or photography, you need to understand how your equipment works and what everything does. There are two main classifications of cameras today,

  1. The DSLR or Digital Single Lens Reflex camera
  2. The Point and Shoot camera

Both take excellent pictures but the DSLR will have more features and will be more complicated. The tried and true method is to read the manual and then go out and shoot like crazy until you know how your camera works. Unfortunately, most of us don’t want to wade through a 220-page manual just to snap a picture.

So, we have a Resources Page coming up soon where you can find photography tips for beginners, photography courses, and books to help you improve your picture taking easily and quickly.

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Buying a Camera?

On our Buying a Camera page we have some suggestions to help you find the right camera for you. The latest point & shoot cameras take most of the guesswork out of taking pictures and are the perfect choice to learn photography as a beginner. As you learn photography, you may want to upgrade to a DSLR camera to give you more creative options.

Whichever camera you chose, remember to have fun and enjoy the moment.

Photography Tips and Technique

On our Photography Tips and Techniques page, we show you some of the tricks the pros use to make eye-catching photos. Simple composition techniques and lighting can make all the difference in your shot.

Photography tips and techniques

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Photography Composition

Like a painter setting up his canvas and adjusting his subject to just the right pose, so must the photographer “compose” the shot in the viewfinder to maximize the interest and ability of the photo to tell a story.

As you learn photography, you’ll find that most cameras have a grid function. This feature places a grid composed of 9 squares in your viewfinder to help you arrange your picture. Most experts will tell you about the 1/3, 2/3rds rule. Unless you are taking a close-up portrait, you want your main subject to be out of the center position or one-third of the frame. This draws your eyes into the photograph and creates a more exciting picture. Our article on Photography Composition tips helps photography for beginners.

Photography composition

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Progressing from Beginner Photographer to Master!

The difference between the amateur and the professional photographer is mastery of the camera, composition, and lighting.  We hope to provide enough information to learn photography and take you to the next level. We encourage you to send us your experiences, tips, and tricks that you have encountered as you progress from beginner to star photographer. Sign up for our monthly newsletter for the latest photography deals and tips